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Here is a good NFT manual for beginners.
CryptoPepes Data firmly believes that the CryptoPepes 2018 collection is one of the most beautifully created NFT Collection sets ever and aims to educate the world about this cold hard fact. They aspire for CryptoPepes to receive the same OG status as similar collections issued during the 2017 tot 2019 period.
Pepe is a happy meme and some people hijacked this meme to spread hate. We believe that pepe is complete goodness and we don't have any bad intentions whatsoever.
One of the original creators of the CryptoPepes 2018 collection, CR, also known as PepeToshi, along with a group of individuals from the poker and crypto community, boasting over 20 years of experience in poker and more than a decade in the crypto space.
CryptoPepes Data was officially launched on 28th of February 2024 in Dubai as the CryptoPepes Foundation, later it was rebranded to CryptoPepes Data to clear the way for Cryptopepes DAO.
This is publically accessible information and our complete collection can be obtained by querying our internally developed Tools CryptoPepes Data Collection or the CryptoPepes Data Ethereum address: CryptoPepesData.eth. You can use the tools button in the main menu to get an overview of any addresses, grouped by generation and filter the results.
The largest holder had over 1000 CryptoPepes. CryptoPepes Data approached this holder, persuaded him to retain only 100 and he then sold the remaining pepes to us.
Because until May 2023 CryptoPepes wasn't available on any NFT Platform because the smart contract wasn't compatible with OpenSea and any other NFT Platforms. Now with the wrapper in place and the DAO on the horizon, it's our mission to re-establish the OG Status of the CryptoPepes 2018 Collection.
Until recently, CryptoPepes wasn't listed on OpenSea or any other NFT platform. This was because the smart contract of CryptoPepes 2018 is so old (from 2018) that it isn't compatible with OpenSea. For this reason a wrapper contract was made in May 2023 that enabled listing on NFT Platforms. Unwrapped pepes can be wrapped on this address: cryptopepes.wtf. After wrapping a pepe it becomes immediately available in OpenSea.
When CryptoPepes launched in 2018, they launched with a Proof of Work Period in which miners could point their hashrate towards towards the CryptoPepes mining contract. Each 16th block a miner would get rewarded with DPEP (pepe dust token). The Pepe Dust Token could be used to mint a GEN-0 CryptoPepe (100 DPEP = 1 CPEP).
CryptoPepes Data gave the order to rescue about 700 pepes that were locked in an auction contract of which the online auction marketplace had already gone offline. CryptoPepes Data fully funded the gas costs of this operation.
You can see the GEN-0 (generation 0) Pepes as the top of the family tree. They only have offspring no parents or grandparents. Back in 2018 GEN-0's could start breeding and create children that would use the DNA of the parents to create a new look, those children would then be GEN-1's. During the mining period there were only 1100 GEN-0's available, the rest of the available supply is all generated through breeding.
This is an overview of the different tokens in the CryptoPepes project
  • CPEP: The token that represents our beloved CryptoPepes. The original CPEP contract was published at 0x84ac...89ad6e4, but this one was not compatible with OpenSea and other platforms, so the community created a wrapper at 0xE59B...8F11c89 in 2023 that enabled publication.
  • DPEP: The CryptoPepes mining contract 0xd4dd6...7cd5e609 would award a certain amount of DPEP (Pepe Dust) tokens each 16th block. Those DPEP Tokens could be used to mint a GEN-0 CPEP (A gen-0 cryptopepe). Each 100 DPEP could mint 1 CPEP.
  • PEP: The PEP token 0xbb0ef...b4d3ec77f was an ERC-20 token that was released as a side token with some initial plans to create utility. This token is currently not used anymore.