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Our Mission is to promote the CryptoPepes 2018 Collection and to promote the Ecosystem by building cool new stuff.


The History of NFT's and CryptoPepes 2018

Watch this video to understand the historical relevance of the CryptoPepes 2018 project.

CryptoPepes 2018 on OpenSea

Grab them on the Marketplaces

The CryptoPepes 2018 collection is available on OpenSea and several other cool NFT platforms, such as Blur, MagicEden, Rarible.

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Join our Telegram Channel

Connect with the community and use our Bot to stay up-to-date. These are the features:

  • On-chain Sales
  • Draw random pepes
  • Display pepes by pepeId
  • Draw random pepe from a specific address
  • Draw random pepe from a specific address, for specific Generations
Join CryptoPepes Foundation Telegram Channel



Use our Advanced Pepe Analytics Data Tools to:

  • CPEP Explorer: View all Pepes or wrapped, unwrapped and filter them on specific attributes, drill down to the detailpages
  • View all addresses that hold Pepes, and see how many they have and which ones
  • Historical Wrappings Overview
  • See the distribution overview of the pepes that the CPF has distributed (NFT Draws)
  • Wrapping overview per Generation
  • On-chain Pepe Randomizer (PLANNED)